Low Cost Solutions for Wireless Carriers
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Spare Parts Management is our strength.
Spare Parts Management is our strength.
Spare Parts Management
How can you save money when products fail?

Spares are a necessary evil required for proper network management. Your operations manager says you can never have too many, but your financial manager refers to them as non-revenue generating assets.

Spare Parts Management is our strength.Acquisition of spares is a capital expense (CAPEX) while repairs and exchanges are typically operational expenses (OPEX). We work to help you find the optimal solution to deal with field failures.

We can even review your historical repairs and find the best options before you have a failure and have to make a quick decision.

Advanced Exchange Programs

Want the fastest possible turnaround for a field failure? We select the best available option from our inventory, a business partner's inventory, or one of our repair partners inventory to ship a replacement in 24 to 48 hours for many products.

Send the defective back and the "repair" has been done in advance and you've expended OPEX.


Are you sending your field failures into the original equipment manufacturer for repair? Are the prices higher than you like? Are you aware that there are many companies doing out of warranty telecom repair?

We have a network of repair companies with different specialties that have offered us discounts to bring them more business while giving you competitive pricing.