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Boston Amplifiers
Drastically Reducing Dropped Calls

Boston’s goal is to identify and provide outstanding products and services for Cellular/PCS/iDEN communication devices that will bestow improved signal quality, increased coverage area, increased power and sensitivity, and increased talk in/talk out range.

In-Vehicle Systems

Boston Amplifier’s BI-DIRECTIONAL AMPLIFIERS (BDA) improves in-vehicle coverage while driving in poor coverage areas. All models are equipped with SST® “Signal Sensing Technology®”.

This Wireless BDA makes ideal for portability and usage; off the shelf Cradle (Cell Phone Holder) is not required. Easy to install and no calibration is needed.

Automatic Gain Control monitors the signal strength from the cell tower and automatically adjusts signal gain for best performance. This BDA allows multiple cell phones and data cards to be used simultaneously.

For more details, read the data sheet

In-Building Systems

Boston Amplifier’s BI-DIRECTIONAL AMPLIFERS (BDA-603) improves cellular coverage where there is signal outside, but little or no signal inside the building.

This BDA offers better cell phone communication in their buildings such as: warehouses, restaurants, hotels, large homes – covering up to 5,000 square feet.

This unit can be used with multiple (2 to 3) internal antennas used with splitters which would increase the overall coverage. Proper installation is required and no calibration is needed.

For more details, read the data sheet