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Welcome to Ocean Wireless
Our Mission

We are dedicated to helping our customers reduce network management costs by offering spare parts repair and exchange programs, previously owned units, and monitoring and troubleshooting software tools.

Relationship Selling

Do you trust the people you are buying from?

In life, our most valuable asset is our reputation. Every offer we make puts that most valuable asset on the line.

We want you to feel like you are dealing with a friend.

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Customer Service

Do your current suppliers deliver products and services the way you want them? If the answer is no, talk to us.

We'll work to meet your needs efficiently and effectively.

For example, our OEM links (above right) take you to solutions in just one click. That's the Ocean Wireless way.

We now offer In-Building and In-Vehicle Cellular/PCS Signal Boosting Amplifiers From Boston Amplifier. Learn more...